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WWYD For a Palm Pre? Second Winner

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 02 Jun 2009 2:09 pm EDT

Our first category was the necessary Palm Pre Tattoo (since so many people offered to do it).  Next up: risking your job, dignity, and -- we feared -- the possibility of getting charged with contempt of court. Meet Christopher, an actual attorney who dressed up as a gorilla (Ape for Pre, yeah, that's the idea).  He actually went to court to do actual legal work before an actual judge who had no idea what this was all about. Christopher was confident he wouldn't get the cuffs, so we took him at his word and sent him on his mission.

The audio's a little tough to catch in the video, but the gist is the the first judge caught our pal in the hallway and decided, "nuh-uh, not in my courtroom." So Christopher was directed to make his motions and do his work (off camera, sadly, but rules is rules) in "Courtroom One," whose presiding judge was, shall we say, puzzled.

Luckily, no charges were filed against Christopher, except the charge of being awesome.  Verdict: one free Palm Pre for you, sir!