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Yalm - Yammer for Palm 0

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:49 pm EST
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NCave, LLC
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Ready for WebOS 2.0! New support for Yammer Groups! Just tap the "My Feeds" header to change the feed.
Yalm is the very first Yammer client for WebOS! Yammer is similar to Twitter, but private to only the employees of the company. To update other teams and individuals on progress or problems, all within the safety of the company. With Yalm, you can finally send updates or check Yammer status' on the go! Now you can upload attachments right to Yammer from your Palm or Pixi, and configure Yalm to use notifications to keep you up to date on your work activities. Yalm now supports image attachment viewing and uploading and threaded messages. Links are now clickable and no longer stretch the screen. (thanks for the feedback on this)

**** Support ****
If something isn't working, or you can't get your Feed to load, Yammer services are probably down for the moment. Please don't rate the Yalm application due to any Yammer service issues, if you have any problems, please email Yalm support at yalm@ncavesoft.com rather than using the reviews to write it. Or better yet, visit www.ncavesoft.com to get updates on Yalm news and see our other WebOS software. Thanks!

****Upcoming Features**** - User page viewing - ... and more with your support! Send us your feature requests!

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