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Yet Another Source Suggests February 15th Launch, Bell Canada to get Pre?

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 30 Jan 2009 12:40 am EST

Listen, folks, we're reticent to keep talking about this rumored February 15th release date for the Palm Pre because it just seems so crazy early and so unlikely.  Yet here we are again receiving information from a source we can't dismiss out of hand.  We've already heard about it from our forums, had it persist from anonymous tipsters who may be in a position to know, had it repeated in our forums that the February 15th release is the ideal target date, but they're not sure if they can make it, then heard that "Palm is confident" they can make their release date.

Now this: we've confirmed that Palm is already meeting with employees from Bell Canada to fill them in on the Palm Pre, Treo Pro, and Palm Centro.  That Centro bit is actually interesting as we've previously heard rumor it was to hit the network on Feb 2nd. As for the Treo Pro, well, we know that although unofficially available now (See this hands-on), it should be officially out for Sprint fairly soon

Our source tells us that a Palm Pre launch "about the same time as Sprint" in "about two weeks" is definitely the current plan (sounds like February 15th to us) and -- get this -- there will be additional phones from Palm later in the year.

Add that to the fact that we're also confident that Sprint reps are also already being trained on the Pre and maybe, just maybe we are starting to believe that this February 15th thing could be possible. Maybe.

Thanks anonymous tipster!