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We asked you what your favorite travel apps were, and you weighed in.  Here's what the PreCentral readership can't do without on their travels:

  • Flightview, $4.99: Flightview gives you real-time flight information that you can act on. Track upcoming and in-air flights, use the air map to see flight progress, save flights, and get notifications when a flight's status changes.  
  • Sprint Navigation (TeleNav), Free on Sprint and available for a monthly fee on other carriers: TeleNav's excellent turn-by-turn GPS navigation program for webOS.
  • Where: Where is a location aware program that enables you to quickly access local information, including: including weather, news, gas prices, movies and much more.  
  • The Weather Channel: One of the more popular (and free!) weather applications available to webOS users, The Weather Channel lets users browse interactive radar and satellite maps, check current coditions and hourly forecasts, and check out 36-hour and 10-day forecasts.
  • Yelp: This app's implementation on webOS is as effective as it is simple. Using the on-board GPS, Yelp for webOS allows you to search nearby restaurant, bar and shop listings while on the go.  
  • DrPodder, $0.99: Travelling would be a bore without your favorite podcasts in tow, and this long-time homebrew favorite turned App Catalog success story lets you manage them in style