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Your (Near) Daily Release Date Rumor-Mongering (Updated)

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 30 Mar 2009 11:46 am EDT

The story over this weekend is "conflicting reports."  Pre-land is increasingly starting to feel like a Black Hole: everybody wants to know what's happening beyond the event horizon, but whether or not the thing actually emits information is an open question.  The news is random, chaotic, and while possibly indicative of the information inside, figuring out how to decipher it is a job for astro-physicists (That'd be the Information Loss Paradox, if you're wondering).

Ahem.  First up, we'll give you what we're hearing from two anonymous sources.  We don't have much history with either, but they do actually line up with each other quite well.  The story goes like this: the shipping company has the Pre Phones sitting in a warehouse, ready to go after they receive one final firmware update.  That update, however, can't happen until after Sprint's final audit of the phone, scheduled for early April.    So according to these sources, a release before May is flat-out impossible, with late May or early June much more likely.  Price these sources postulate: $199 after rebates.

Next up, via PreThinking, apparently a Pre Beta tester spilled the beans on his Twitter feed.  If it's legit, we're looking at an April 30th release date, $299 price point, and fully operational tethering (USB-style, at least).  We'd tell you more, but Jim Van (LogicommInc) on Twitter has smartly protected his updates from non-friend, ravenous, Pre-News-Hungry people like, well, like you. :p

Short version: we dunno.

Update: Jim Van responds and, well, basically he doesn't have time or patience for our rapacious desire for Pre info.  Alternately, if you're inclined to be skeptical of Van's claims, there's plenty of fodder for that too.