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by Arcticus Thu, 16 Dec 2010 5:56 pm EST
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YouView makes your voicemail experience simpler! YouView organizes voicemails like emails and displays all your voicemails in an easy to access list. Now you don’t have to listen to all your voicemails before you get to the one you want to hear! With YouView, you can see who called, from where and check that message without listening to all the other ones.  You can also easily save or forward your voicemails to share them with other people. Simply put, YouView makes your voicemail, and your life, a little easier!


YouView is a visual voicemail client that’s powered by YouMail for WebOs devices. YouView will replace your carriers voicemail with YouMail's digital secretary.  

*ORGANIZE* Stay organized by placing voicemails into folders. Set reminder notifications. Share voicemails with family, friends, or colleagues via text or email. Flag voicemails that need to be followed up so you don’t forget.  SAVE TIME: – Play messages in any order! Tap to play or swipe to delete.

*CUSTOM GREETINGS* Easily have different greetings for your friends, your co-workers and your boss. Choose from a library of free greetings or upload any sound file as a greeting. Automatically hang up on unwanted callers or easily let a pesky ex or telemarketers think your number is no longer in service.

*CONDENSE ALL YOUR VOICEMAIL INTO ONE* Using the dropbox feature, access all your voicemails from YouView including Google Voice, Magic Jack, Vonage, & more.

*VOICE-TO-TEXT TRANSCRIPTIONS* (monthly fee applies) - Know if a message truly is urgent in situations when you can't simply dial or answer your phone. Read and respond to voicemail messages while in a meeting, class, movie or other busy setting.

*COMING SOON* Effortlessly sync your YouMail contacts with your phones contact list using Palm’s Synergy technology.

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