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ZumoDrive for webOS: Cloud-Based Storage for Music and More 35

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 21 Mar 2010 5:59 pm EDT

One of the more exciting recent developments for webOS has been the ability to access real-time online storage from anywhere, to extend the non-expandable 8-16 GB of available on-device storage for the Pre and Pixi. First, Grooveshark enabled uploading of one’s music collection for access via its webOS software, and now, technology firm Zecter has released a new webOS client for its ZumoDrive remote storage service.

It is, as mrkalel says, hot.

The basic ZumoDrive service and desktop/webOS software are free, including 1 GB of online storage (and an additional 1 GB for completing the quick “Dojo” training exercises), with additional storage available for monthly fees ranging from $2.99 for 10 GB to $79.99 for 500 GB.  

To use the service, you need to download and install a desktop client (available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and the mobile client (the webOS client for Pre and Pixi is available here; there are also iPhone and Android versions), and create an account for the ZumoDrive service. After designating particular folders and files on the desktop as ZumoDrive files (either via a right click or drag-and-drop onto the ZumoDrive desktop icon, or directly uploaded via your account on the ZumoDrive Web site), they are automatically uploaded, and then appear both on the Web and within the ZumoDrive application on the Pre.

Another nice feature is that, if you link particular desktop folders to ZumoDrive, you can choose to have changes you make on the desktop versions synchronized with the ZumoDrive-stored version. Note that there may be some delay between the time files or folders are sent to ZumoDrive from the desktop and when they are uploaded and available either via the Web or the webOS client, depending on how many files/folders you are uploading, how big they are and the upload speed of your desktop’s Internet connection. You may also customize the settings on your desktop for your particular needs and connection.

In addition to making files available for yourself, you can also use ZumoDrive to share particular files or folders with other users; as with services like DropBox, others with whom you wish to share are sent e-mail messages notifying them of your offer, and directing them to install the ZumoDrive desktop software in order to access your files. You can limit their access to read-only, or allow them to upload and edit as well.

While you can share any type of file via ZumoDrive, webOS still restricts the types of files you can view or access via the Pre/Pixi client to music, pictures, documents, PDFs and others for which a viewer program is set on your phone; as a test, I shared a folder containing IPK (homebrew) programs, but while I saw the files in the webOS ZumoDrive program, I could not install them by clicking on them. Media files like music and videos will stream from ZumoDrive to your phone, although the quality of that streaming will depend on your Internet connection (ZumoDrive claims that streaming music at least can be done over 3G and EDGE networks; it isn’t clear from the site whether video can also). ZumoDrive also offers additional features including support for iTunes, playlists and revision controls, although they may not work fully on the Pre and Pixi because of other limitations (iTunes DRM and ongoing lack of Office file editing). For now at least, the webOS client is one-way only; you can access and view files stored in ZumoDrive, but can only upload via the desktop clients; You can’t use ZumoDrive to, for example, free your Pre’s memory of photos or videos you take while away from home or office.

So if you're the sort who's into cloud-based storage and if you have more files you’d like to access than you have available space on your Pre/Pixi, wish to share files with other users via their desktops and smartphones, and/or you are frequently away from the computer on which your key files are stored, ZumoDrive is a welcome addition to the webOS environment.


Up to 2 GB of free cloud-based storage


Viewing limited to file types supported on Pre/Pixi